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Because she loves him, you idiot!

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Rory/Dean Fans
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This is a fan community for the Gilmore Girls' pairing Rory & Dean. I got tired of searching the web (often fruitlessly) for Narco related fanart, fiction, and music videos and decided to at least make an attempt to gather it all in one place. To that end, I encourage anyone who has made any R/D fan-work (even if you don't really ship them, or it's just a few icons) to post it here. This is an open community. You don't even have to join. I just want an open archive for fellow frustrated Narcos like me to gather and swoon over our couple.



No actor bashing of any sort.

No Rory and/or Dean bashing, and try to keep negative comments about other characters to a minimum.

I'd like to keep this an open community, and don't want to have to limit posting. In order for this to work, though, everyone needs to be considerate of the feelings of others.

Try to keep off-topic discussions to the barest minimum.

This is not a place for shipping debate. There are plenty of forums with nothing but fighting over who the best guy for Rory really is. This is an oasis to indulge in the Narco love without having to defend our right to love them.

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